This is an automatically generated log that will show you what MistForums has recently been doing to make your forum amazing!

Paginated comments on user profiles. 2 days ago
Fixed SSL certificates. 1 week ago
Updated SSL certificate. 1 week ago
Fixed small AWS issue. 1 week ago
Fixed logo,favicon on admin panel. 2 weeks ago
Added auto link creation with chatbox. 2 weeks ago
Updated meta description of homepage. 2 weeks ago
Fixed post design clipping on user left avatar. 2 weeks ago
Fixed post rating icons. 2 weeks ago
Fixed file uploading. 2 weeks ago
Added S3 for file storage. 3 weeks ago
Optimized forum homepage. 1 month ago
Updated welcome page. 1 month ago
Updated SSL certificate generation. 1 month ago
Updated branding notification text. 1 month ago
Added private message links for users. 1 month ago
Fixed tutorial links on support. 1 month ago
Added premium package back. 1 month ago
Updated forum software package. 1 month ago
Added port number to gameservers 1 month ago
Updated front page text. 1 month ago
Fixed gameserver inserting. 1 month ago
Fixed domains not being checked correctly. 1 month ago
Updated forum module download software. 1 month ago
Fixed defaulting data. 1 month ago
Added reply message to private messages. 1 month ago
Added thread headers managment to admin panel. 1 month ago
Updated default header images. 1 month ago
Added indexes for quicker caching. 1 month ago
Themes removed, design improved, more components added, improved database. 1 month ago
5.3 initial project. 1 month ago
Fixed bad user call. 2 months ago
Removed request logging. Added some error handling. 2 months ago
Added max width for images on threads. 3 months ago
Fixed thread replying. 3 months ago
Fixed little bug on thread posting. 3 months ago
Fixed small bug with threads. 3 months ago
Fixed support tickets. 3 months ago
Updated support tickets. 4 months ago
Disabled support tickets for now, 4 months ago
Optimized user auth system. 4 months ago
Fixed hidden brackets showing. 4 months ago
Fixed some mobile design. 4 months ago
Fixed deleting forums. 4 months ago
Fixed support page. 4 months ago
Added buffer for SSL certificate. 4 months ago
Fixed wrong tutorials being put in support. 4 months ago
Updated SSL functionality. 4 months ago
Fixed hiding threads deleting content. 4 months ago
Reverted back to old text editor due to horrible solution with sceditor. 4 months ago
Added pages to members page. 4 months ago
Fixed banlist remove. 4 months ago
Fixed forum deleting. 4 months ago
Fixed some donations resulting in 0 4 months ago
Fixed some donations resulting in 0. 4 months ago
Added some statistic information. 4 months ago
Updated navigation due to overflow of buttons. 5 months ago
Fixed deleting forums bugging. 5 months ago
Fixed news. 5 months ago
Added more protection posts. 5 months ago
Updated signature with bbcode. 5 months ago
Changed text editor, fixing exploits caused by it. 5 months ago
Added game types. 5 months ago
Added table organizer for banlist. 5 months ago
Reenabled SSL certificate usage for bug detection. 5 months ago
Updated main page. 5 months ago
Updated donation design. 5 months ago
Added redirect URL for categories. 5 months ago
Added top donators. 5 months ago
Added user infocards. 5 months ago
Updated user profile design. 5 months ago
Scrapped theme builder, added options for design. 5 months ago
Updated new forums design. 5 months ago
Removed bad table design for categories. 5 months ago
Updated online users. 5 months ago
Removed monthly payment. 5 months ago
Revised donation system. 5 months ago
Updated with new logo. 5 months ago
Fixed affiliates. 5 months ago
Fixed private messages. 5 months ago
Removed order page, switching over to a free model. 5 months ago
Added remove buttons for widgets. 5 months ago
Added remove button for widgets. 5 months ago
Fixed builder fonts, updated MistPay design. 5 months ago
Fixed payment processor. 5 months ago
Added terms and conditions. 5 months ago
Fixed viewing threads that dont belong on your forum on your forum. 5 months ago
Added developer position to edit themes. 5 months ago
Added URL logging for debug. 5 months ago
Added database queue system, hopefully to fix memory leak. 5 months ago
Fixed default font on theme customize. 6 months ago
Updated email sender. 6 months ago
Added position to categories. 6 months ago
Added ability to set forums as premium. 6 months ago
Added closed ticket viewing for support system. 6 months ago
Removed padding on categories. 6 months ago
Updated new forum post text. 6 months ago
Fixed chatbox design. 6 months ago
Fixed SSL certificates not working on FireFox. 6 months ago
Fixed navigation button bug. 6 months ago
Added affiliate index page. 6 months ago
Disabled SSL for now due to issues. 6 months ago
Fixed email request, fixed role user add. 6 months ago
Added forum widgets for the right side of your forum, like teamspeak. 6 months ago
Added news instruction for confused users. 6 months ago
Fixed error with role image uploading. 6 months ago
Dramatically improved the download system, download with one click now. 6 months ago
Added font customization to theme builder. 7 months ago
Added ability to add images to roles. 7 months ago
Fixed some steamids being considered invalid on mistpay. 7 months ago
Cleaned up roles design, added a sparkle option for roles. 7 months ago
Fixed analytics with the site. 7 months ago
Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:creationraymond/mistforums 7 months ago
Removed Children text. 7 months ago
Added last reply to support system, better emailing. 7 months ago
Updated contact links with support page, we now use support tickets. 7 months ago
Added support page, added support ticket system. 7 months ago
Fixed forum owner not being admin by default. 7 months ago
Fixed issue with deleting forums with thread headers. 7 months ago
Removed child category text 7 months ago
Added automatic tweets. 7 months ago
Fixed thread being moved to top when viewed. 7 months ago
Updated blockquotes for reply responses. 7 months ago
Added monitoring for premium forums. 7 months ago
The owner of the forum can never be demoted from now on lol. 7 months ago
Added join button to game servers 7 months ago
Added mistpay menu. 7 months ago
Fixed bad steam validation for commands on mistpay. 7 months ago
Added ability to remove chatbox messages. 7 months ago
Added cross communication between mistforums and forums. 7 months ago
Fixed bracket positioning not working. 7 months ago
Fixed locked threads sorting. 7 months ago
Added currency symbol. 7 months ago
Added admin panel navigation remembering. 7 months ago
Added donation logs to mistpay edit page. 7 months ago
More behind the scenes implementations 7 months ago
Added email notification for payments. 7 months ago
Revamped the forum creation page, moved coupons to payments section, sproused up default logos, no longer do we have 'New Domain Community' 7 months ago
Updated pricing page. 7 months ago
SSL Certificates are now enabled! 7 months ago
Fixed demotions from ULX placing you as 'user' 7 months ago
More work for getting automated SSL certificates. 7 months ago
Added ability to edit thread title. 7 months ago
Added email introduction. 7 months ago
Fixed view bug on theme builder. 7 months ago
Fixed deleting posts, fixed user ranks not showig. 7 months ago
Added theme builder, the beginning to an awesome future! 7 months ago
Fixed invalid form data being displayed as an error page. 7 months ago
Fixed MistPay IPN callback. 7 months ago
Fixed category parent editing missing 7 months ago
Heartattack! Fix gulp! 7 months ago
Updated with cache pack to load faster! 7 months ago
Fixed category parent editing missing. 7 months ago
Added currency for mistpay. 7 months ago
Added ranks to members page, added recent activity to users page. 7 months ago
Added domain verification, no longer can you add bad domains to your forum. 7 months ago
Added reply feature to posts. 7 months ago
Fixed issue with deleting forums with custom icons, added more responsive code. 7 months ago
Added SSL Certificates, still in testing. 7 months ago
Fixed double post ratings occuring. 7 months ago
Fixed post ratings, fixed mistpay. 7 months ago
Fixed multiple fetches from the API creating multiple accounts. 7 months ago
Updated landing page for SEO purposes, cleaned it up, added a feedback button on the pricing page. 7 months ago
Added automatic background generation to new forums. 7 months ago
Fixed news breaking if you have no categories. 7 months ago
Fixed up some bad connections with the API controller, Fixed clientside files not downloading correctly for mistpay. 8 months ago
Updated library of ratings, added text, shrinked image. 8 months ago
Added forum post ratings, its a module under your forum now. 8 months ago
Added updates page. 8 months ago
We are now synced with BitBucket! 8 months ago